The most comprehensive guide to recruiter commission and rewards, brought to you by the team at Konquest

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"I used to dread calculating commissions at month end. Konquest solved the problem completely, and now just feels like a no brainer"

Simon Topps

Recruitment's first and only commission management platform

Commission is the recruitment industry's biggest and most important incentive, yet almost all agencies manage the process in spreadsheets. Konquest, brings the process into the 21st century.

All the way through our journey we've spoken with hundreds of recruiters and built a huge knowledge base of what works, what doesn't and where opportunity lies to get more out of your rewards programme.

Our handbook will help you to achieve this, and when you're ready to really unlock the power of commission, our platform is ready for you.

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Commission is your biggest incentive, make sure you've got the right structure, that you're competitive and have confidence in your decisions.


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Director - Addition Solutions

Plug in your CRM and/or Pay & Bill data and we'll do the rest. Fully automated commission caculations for all your roles.

End-to-end automation


Bring your commission operations out of spreadsheets, and into the future.

Make end of month a breeze

Decentralise the approval process by including colleagues, quickly reconcile from your finance dashboard and export your commissions for payroll.

Ultimate engagement

Give your team real-time, on-demand visibility of your most important incentive with our dedicated consultant dashboard plus interactive commission statements.

Everything you need to know when reviewing or creating commission schemes